“When I take a lesson I have some fairly specific questions I need answered before I can even commit to making a change. I like the fact that Jamie lets me vent/ rant and ask all the questions I have before we even pick up a club. I also like the fact that she is decisive and sure of the solution that she offers. Watching her teach others, I have always been impressed by the number of questions she asks the student. This is a very effective way to see what they actually understand and helps them to identify and FEEL mistakes they make during their swing. Lastly I like the fact that she doesn’t move on to new concepts when the student has not yet mastered or fully corrected a change she has suggested…no point in trying to run if u can’t walk.”
~ Curtis Skinner
+2 Handicap
2012 US Senior Amateur Finalist
2011 US Senior Open Participant
2009 and 2010 US Mid Am Participant
“Working with Jamie I have gone from an 11 handicap to a 3 handicap. I enjoy my lessons because she keeps her explanations very simple. Her ability to relate parts of the golf swing to moves in other sports enhances the clarity of whatever I am working on. She is extremely gifted as a teacher and coach in two ways. One is in coaching the intangibles in the mental, physical, and emotional part of the game. The other is in teaching you how to own your game so you are successful on the course and you can make adjustments no matter what the situation-be it tournament play or playing with friends on the weekend.”
~ Sue O’Connor
3 Handicap
Qualified for and played in 4 USGA Women’s Sr. Championships
Qualified for and played in 2 USGA Women’s Mid Am Championships
9 Time Club Champion
“I was the reluctant golfer, until I met Jamie. I enjoyed golfing with my husband; however I had fears, anxiety, and negative mental talk that prevented me from really taking my game to a level that was truly fun. Jamie helped me settle down my mental gymnastics and fine tune all areas of my game. She is incredible to work with and gives me what I call “gentle guidance.” She gives me just enough new information so that I do not get overwhelmed. She somehow finds the perfect way to work with each player that she coaches. I am now a happy golfer, thanks to Jamie.”
~ J. Pitzo
CEO Ace Metal Crafts
“I had been golfing for years and had not really improved much, so really needed some help. I was about ready to give up a game I really loved when I called and set up a lesson with Jamie. I was surprised and relieved to find someone who could teach golf to any level golfer in a style that was compatible with my own. Upbeat, motivational, practical and spot on, Jamie’s lessons reignited my passion for the game and made a dramatic difference in my score. My best moments in golf have come because of Jamie’s coaching. Now I have a mentor and coach with whom I can continue to take my game in the direction I choose. I just golfed in my first pro-am and started to participate in our club’s team play. None of that could have happened without her skill and insight.”
~ Deb Leon
Entrepreneur, CEO Whisker Docs
“Jamie has been a great coach and mentor for this senior athlete who loves golf and loves to compete. She has helped me in two critical areas in my experience. The first and most important she verbalized to my golf partner, my wife, why I’m addicted to golf. The second is an important golf metric. My handicap went down in one golf season from a 9.1 index to 6.9. As an addict of golf I have taken lessons for years from a number of pros. Jamie’s instructions and coaching, has me playing at the high level I want.”
~ Mark P.
President and CEO Intermark Transport, LLC.