Golf Instruction
& Programs Summer 2023

Indian Ridge Country Club, Palm Desert, CA
& Conway Farms Golf Club, Lake Forest IL

*Please contact Jamie directly to register for classes and/or schedule private lessons.
Private Sessions
45 minutes $120

Semi-Private Session for 2 people
60 minutes $130

Private Session 5 Pack
5 sessions for $550. (All sessions must be completed in 2023.)

9 Hole On-Course Private Session
Members $200
Non-Members $240 (Plus greens fees - will be conducted at Deerpath Golf Course, Lake Forest for the time being).

9 Hole On-Course Semi-Private Session for 2 people
Player’s Package
(open to the first 10 people who register)
This program is best for players who have an established handicap index already (not pure beginners). It’s a complete game evaluation and skill-development experience.
9 hole on course session/evaluation.
Four skill building sessions based upon your on-course evaluation. We’ll identify the most important skills you should focus on to improve your scores and create a plan for practice.
9 hole on course session/evaluation to check in on your skill development.
$650 – for one person/$750 for two to share all the sessions. All sessions must be completed in 2023.
Contact Jamie directly to register.

Scoring School Level 1 – “Two Hours, Four Shots, Lower Scores”
Power -packed session covering Putting, Chipping, Pitching, & Bunker Shots. Invest two hours learning and practicing the shots that matter most. Open to anyone who wants to shoot lower scores in your next round!
Low 4:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
$140 per session per person $120 if you take more than one.
$140 per session per person. $120 if you take more than one. Meet at the CF short game area. All sessions 3:30-5:30.
Dates: June 1st, July 6th, August 10th
Scoring School Level 2 – “Advanced Scoring Shots”
Build on the basics from Level 1 by learning more about:
Putting - green reading, stroke tempo and routine
Chipping - long bump and runs, hybrid and downhill lies
Pitching - heavy rough hinge and slide shot, distance control with wedges
Bunker shots - buried lies and varied sand conditions
$140 per session per person. $120 if you take more than one. Meet at the CF short game area. All sessions 3:30-5:30. (Previous participation in Level 1 required or by invitation). 4:1 Student/Teacher ratio.
Dates: June 22nd, July 27th, August 31st

NEW FOR 2023!

Peak Performance Putting

A session devoted solely to great putting. We’ll focus on good set up fundamentals for solid contact, properly fit equipment, green-reading and other skills.
Low Student/Teacher Ratio of 3:1. (Open to 6 students). Tuition is $110 per session. All sessions 3:30-5 pm
Dates: May 24th, June 7th, July 19th, August 16th


Conway Farms Golf Club
Lake Forest IL
(May - October)


Indian Ridge Country Club
Palm Desert, CA
(November - April)