Golf Instruction
& Programs Summer 2024

Indian Ridge Country Club, Palm Desert, CA
& Conway Farms Golf Club, Lake Forest IL

*Please contact Jamie directly to register for classes and/or schedule private lessons.
Private Sessions
45 minutes $140

Semi-Private Session for 2 people
60 minutes $200

Private Session 5 Pack
Five private 45 minute sessions for $650. (All sessions must be completed in 2024.)

Private Session 5 Pack
Semi-Private 5 Pack for 2 people $900. (All sessions must be completed in 2024.)

9 Hole On-Course Private Session
Members $250
Non-Members $350 (Plus greens fees).

Player’s Package
(open to the first 10 people who register)
This program is best for players who have an established handicap index already (not pure beginners). It’s a complete game evaluation and skill-development experience.
9 hole on course session/evaluation.
Four skill building sessions based upon your on-course evaluation. We’ll identify the most important skills you should focus on to improve your scores and create a plan for practice.
9 hole on course session/evaluation to check in on your skill development.
$750 – for one person / $850 for two to share all the sessions. All sessions must be completed in 2024.
Contact Jamie directly to register.

Scoring School (Level 1 & 2) --- “2 hours, 4 shots, Lower Scores”
Level 1: Give us 2 hours – you’re going to shoot lower scores in your next round!
Power-packed session for fundamentals of PUTTING, CHIPPING, PITCHING, & BUNKER SHOTS.
Low 4:1 Student/Teacher Ratio (Open to 8 students)
Dates: June 27th and August 8th

Level 2: Build on the basics from Level 1 with some specialty shots –hybrid chipping, greenside heavy rough hinge and hold shots, distance control with wedges, and buried bunker lies.
Dates: July 11 and Sept 12

Pricing: $140 per session per person. $120 per session if you take more than one throughout the season. Meet at the CF short game area. All sessions 3:30-5:30.
Peak Performance Putting

A session devoted solely to great putting. We’ll focus on good set up fundamentals, properly fir equipment, green-reading and other drills to sharpen your skills.
Low Student/Teacher Ratio of 3:1. (Open to 6 students). Tuition is $125 per session. All sessions 3:30-5 pm
Dates: June 20th, July 25th, August 22nd


Conway Farms Golf Club
Lake Forest IL
(May - October)


Indian Ridge Country Club
Palm Desert, CA
(November - April)