• JF image 16 We take this golf journey together – few of us can improve by going it alone.  Even the best players in the world have a coach.  My goal in that role is to help each student understand their game and themselves so they can play the golf of their dreams.
  • Each person has their own approach to learning and I don’t believe there is one single “swing method” that fits all golfers.  There is no “perfect swing” – only your best swing – the one that allows you to create shots on the course.
  • Solid physical and mental setup fundamentals have a big influence on hitting solid shots.  Developing an efficient, effective, and personal pre-shot routine is an important part of the process.  What state of mind are you bringing to each shot?
  • Improving in golf first takes awareness.  Then it takes practice, persistence, and patience.  Rarely, if ever, are there “quick fixes” which translate into lasting improvement.  Dealing with the root cause of an issue is usually better than trying to “band-aid” it.  (That’s the “what” to practice).  At the same time, playing better golf is not just about beating balls on the range.  Enjoyable, mindful, and relevant practice is a big part of the road map to playing the golf of your dreams. (That’s the “how” to practice).
  • You must embrace and welcome the variability of playing golf.  There is never a shot that is identical to another.  That’s the beauty of the game.  If you only have one swing or one way of doing things, it will never work for all the constantly changing elements that are this game of golf.

Greatest Teaching Influences

I have had the great pleasure and honor of taking lessons from and teaching with some of the most talented people in the game. Many of them have helped shape my ideas and abilities. Some of my greatest influences are (in no particular order):

  • My Mother, Andy
  • Dick Harmon
  • Chuck Cook
  • Harvey Penick
  • Dr. Bob Rotella
  • Craig Farnsworth
  • Jim McLean
  • Dr. Deborah Graham
  • Fred Shoemaker

Favorite Quotes

  • “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” – Henry Ford
  • “The fundamentals don’t change but your attention to them does.” – Michael Jordan
  • “What you think about, you bring about.” – Chuck Danes

Favorite Books & Videos

  • The Little Red Book by Harvey Penick (any of his books are lovely and simple)
  • Golf is Not a Game of Perfect and Putting out of Your Mind by Dr. Bob Rotella
  • Every Shot Must Have a Purpose and Play Your Best Golf Now by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson
  • Play Golf the Wright Way by Mickey Wright
  • The Art of Putting (VHS) by Ben Crenshaw
  • Extraordinary Golf and Extraordinary Putting by Fred Shoemaker